How to Hang Tapestry on Popcorn Ceiling in 8 Easy Steps

In this comprehensive article, we explore the intricacies of hanging tapestry on a popcorn ceiling, a task often considered challenging due to the delicate texture of these surfaces.

From materials selection to step by step guidance, we unpack the best practices to execute this task of how to hang tapestry on popcorn ceiling with finesse and create an aesthetically pleasing space.

How to Hang Tapestry on Popcorn Ceiling
Hang Tapestry on Popcorn Ceiling

Transforming your living area no longer needs to be an arduous process; with our insightful tips, you can elevate your home decor whilst preserving the integrity of your popcorn ceiling.

How to Hang Tapestry on Popcorn Ceiling without Drilling?

Hanging a tapestry from a popcorn ceiling can transform your space, creating an exotic and personalized ambiance. Nevertheless, deciding to take on such a task can feel intimidating due to the popcorn ceiling’s distinctive and delicate texture. Fear not!

The following 600-word guide is designed to walk you through the process step by step, making sure you achieve a professional, aesthetically pleasing result while still maintaining the integrity of your ceiling.

Step 1: Gather the Needed Supplies

Before starting this project, collect the necessary tools. You’ll need:

  • Lightweight tapestry or fabric
  • Scotch tape or duct tape
  • A lightweight rod (like a curtain rod or a dowel)
  • Two ceiling hook clips
  • A step ladder
  • A measuring tape

Step 2: Prepare Your Tapestry

Measure your ceiling and select a tapestry that fits the chosen space. Consider its weight and texture; a heavy tapestry may not adhere well or could damage your popcorn ceiling.

Prepare Your Tapestry
Prepare Your Tapestry

Step 3: Decide the Hanging Position

Once you have your tapestry, decide where you want it to hang. It’s essential to make sure it’s not obstructing any ceiling fixtures or vent openings. It could be right above your bed, your living area, or your desk.

Step 4: Measuring and Marking

Next, measure the length of the rod you’ll be using to hang the tapestry. Using these measurements, determine and mark where your ceiling hook clips will go on your ceiling to support the rod.

This is a critical step, as accurate measurements ensure that your tapestry hangs correctly and evenly.

Step 5: Installing the Ceiling Hooks

This step is pivotal in ensuring the secure hanging of your tapestry. Depending on the type of ceiling hook clips you have chosen, the installation method may slightly vary. However, the fundamental process remains the same:

  1. Hands-On Examination: Before starting, gently touch the areas where you’ve marked on the ceiling. Ensure it is not excessively crumbly or weak as that could prevent a firm hook installation or cause unnecessary damage.
  2. Protective Measures: Lay down a protective sheet, cloth, or even a large trash bag on the floor or furniture directly beneath the area where you’d be working on your ceiling. This will capture any falling popcorn bits and keep your room clean.
  3. Preparing the Ceiling Hooks: Most ceiling hooks come with a screw part that fastens them securely to the ceiling. Check the hooks and ensure that they’re in perfect condition. The screw part should be sharp and without deformity.
  4. Screw-In Approach: Hold your ceiling hook clip at the marked position on the ceiling. Apply gentle but continuous pressure and start rotating it clockwise. As you rotate, the screw on the ceiling hook will start carving its pathway into the popcorn ceiling and secure itself.
  5. Gentle and Slow: Avoid rushing the screwing process. The structure of your popcorn ceiling is delicate and requires a patient hand. Too much force could lead to crumbling or flaking.
  6. Final Check: Once you’ve installed the ceiling hooks, gently pull on them to confirm if they’re secure and can bear the weight of the tapestry.
  7. Symmetry: Repeat this process with the other hook, ensuring that it’s in line with the first one. This symmetry is crucial because it will help your tapestry hang evenly.

Always remember that a functional décor process is as much about the journey as it is about the result. By approaching each step with care and attention, you’ll not just end up with a beautifully hung tapestry; you’ll also preserve the integral structure of your beloved popcorn ceiling.

Step 6: Attaching the Tapestry to the Rod

Fix the tapestry onto the rod. This can be done in several ways. If the tapestry has a rod pocket, just slide the rod through. If not, clip or tie it onto the rod. If you don’t want a visible rod and intend to stick the tapestry directly, skip this step.

Attaching the Tapestry to the Rod

Step 7: Hang Your Tapestry

For the final step, carefully place the rod with attached tapestry onto the ceiling hooks. Be sure to balance it so that the weight of the tapestry is evenly distributed.

Step 8: Assess Your Work

Stand back and assess your work. You may need to adjust the tapestry a bit, tweaking it to hang as you desire.

With these simple processes, you can hang your tapestry safely, without causing damage to your popcorn ceiling. Investing this effort will provide your room with a unique, personalized touch, all while preserving the look and feel of your home’s original features.

As with any home improvement task, precaution must be taken when dealing with popcorn ceilings. If your home was built before the 1970s, there’s a chance your popcorn ceiling might contain asbestos, a harmful substance when disturbed. If in doubt, it’s always best to contact a professional before proceeding.

Remember, your décor helps to bring out your personality and create an ambiance that is representative of your style. So, don’t shy away from experimenting to design a space while making it truly yours.

Tape that will stick to popcorn ceiling

Installing anything on a popcorn ceiling can be quite challenging, primarily due to its uneven and brittle surface. However, several tapes can be effectively used to adhere items to this type of ceiling.

Tape that will stick to popcorn ceiling

1. Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Double-sided adhesive tape, with its sticky surfaces on both sides, can be an excellent solution for attaching lightweight items such as posters, lightweight tapestries, or fairy lights to popcorn ceilings.

This type of tape provides a fair hold and is generally easy to remove without leaving any residue. However, its sticking power can vary depending on the texture and condition of your popcorn ceiling.

2. Mounting Tape

Mounting tape is typically stronger than typical double-sided tape and can be a useful tool when trying to attach heavier objects to a popcorn ceiling.

It is made with a strong, sticky adhesive which can bond various surfaces. Nevertheless, it would be wise to ensure the combined weight of the tapestry and rod (if used) does not exceed the weight limit recommended by the tape manufacturer.

3. Duct Tape

Duct tape, known for its strength and durability, is another option you could consider. However, it has two critical downsides. First, it’s often difficult to remove, and second, it could cause the popcorn texture to peel away from the ceiling upon removal.

4. Scotch Tape

Scotch tape might seem like a simple solution, but given the characteristics of the popcorn ceiling, it might not provide enough grip for hanging tapestry.

5. Foam Tape

Foam tape has a cushioned body that allows it to adhere better to popcorn ceilings. They have molds to the shapes and nooks of the ceiling, providing an increased surface area for the tape to stick, thus improving its holding power.

Regardless of the tape you choose to use, be sure to clean and dry the ceiling surface where the tape will be applied. This helps the tape stick better and last longer. Also, remember to gently remove the tape when it’s time to take down the tapestry to avoid causing damage to your ceiling.

Keep in mind that popcorn ceilings are delicate and may contain harmful substances; if you are unsure or the task seems too challenging, seeking professional help or advice is recommended.

Will Command Strips Stick to Popcorn Ceiling?

Command strips are known for their ease of use and the minimal residue they leave behind after removal. As such, they might seem like the ideal solution for attaching items to a popcorn ceiling.

However, Command strips require smooth surfaces for optimal adhesion and are not designed to stick to texture, porous, or uneven surfaces.

Will Command Strips Stick to Popcorn Ceiling

Given that popcorn ceilings are notorious for their textured surfaces, applying Command strips might lead to a less-than-desirable adhesion level. While they may initially stick, the adherence probably won’t last in the long term, especially when weight is involved.

If you opt to use Command strips on your popcorn ceiling, it’s recommended to do a ‘test run’ with strips and lightweight objects to understand how well the Command strip adheres.

Can I Hang Stuff from My Popcorn Ceiling?

Yes, you can indeed hang items from your popcorn ceiling, provided that you follow some important guidelines.

Can I Hang Stuff from My Popcorn Ceiling
Hang Stuff from My Popcorn Ceiling
  1. Weight Consideration: Popcorn ceilings, due to their distinct textural characteristics, aren’t designed to support heavy weight. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the weight of the object you intend to hang. It’s always best to hang lightweight objects like fabric tapestries, fairy lights, or light balloons from these ceilings.
  2. Method Selection: The method of attachment should be carefully chosen. As discussed previously, double-sided adhesive tape, mounting tape, duct tape, Scotch tape, and foam tape might work, but their effectiveness will vary.
  3. Asbestos Check: Homes built before the 1980s may have popcorn ceilings that contain asbestos. Any disruption to these ceilings, including hanging objects, can cause asbestos fibers to become airborne, which can be harmful when inhaled. Therefore, it is always recommended to have your popcorn ceiling tested for asbestos before proceeding with installing any decor.
  4. Professional Assistance: Due to its delicate nature, if unsure you should consult a professional before sticking or drilling anything into your popcorn ceiling. Their experience and expertise ensure that not only your objects are hung securely, but your ceiling also remains undamaged in the process.

In conclusion, yes, you can hang lightweight items on your popcorn ceiling, and no, Command Strips may not be the best choice for doing so due to their need for smooth, non-textured surfaces for optimal adhesion.


Hanging a tapestry on a popcorn ceiling is achievable with proper care and the right materials.

Exploring suitable attachment methods such as lightweight rods, ceiling hook clips, or heavier-duty tapes, while maintaining a gentle touch, will help ensure a visually appealing display while preserving the integrity of your textured ceiling.

Be mindful of the ceiling’s age, potential asbestos exposure, and adhere to safety guidelines.

By following these steps, you can successfully and safely transform your living space with a beautiful tapestry, adding warmth, color, and personality to the room despite the challenges posed by a popcorn ceiling.

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