How to Clean Chandeliers On High Ceiling in 6 Easy Steps

Chandeliers are stunning masterpieces that add elegance and charm to any room; but with great grandeur comes great responsibility.

Their location on high ceilings, however, makes their maintenance a challenging task.

But worry not; maintaining the sparkling allure of these eye-catching light fixtures is not as complex as it seems. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling effectively .

How to clean chandeliers on high ceiling
clean chandeliers on high ceiling

Armed with the right techniques and safety precautions, you can keep your dazzling centerpiece pristine without the need for a professional cleaner.

Command your own castle and restore your chandeliers back to their original ethereal glow.

how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling?

A chandelier can serve as the crowning jewel of your living space, casting alluring tones of light cascading throughout the room.

Nevertheless, as atmospheric as they might be, chandeliers set on high ceilings require regular maintenance.

A daunting task, no doubt, but with the correctly laid-out plan, it can be done efficiently and safely. This article discusses a comprehensive guide to help you restore the sparkle in your high-set chandeliers.

Necessary Preparations

First, gather your needed supplies. You’re more likely to complete the task efficiently when you are well set to start. Needed materials include:

  • A sturdy ladder
  • Two microfiber cloths
  • Mild detergent
  • Spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Warm Water
  • Protective goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • A blanket or plastic drop cloth

Next, ensure sufficient preparation of your work area. Spread a blanket or heavy-duty plastic sheet beneath the chandelier to protect your floor from drips and possibly prevent accidental breakage of any loose parts that may fall.

This covering also makes it easier to locate any misplaced pieces.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

  1. Safety First: Move furniture and other items away from your work area to avoid bumping into anything as you clean. Turn off the chandelier before you begin to clean. It’s even safer to cut the power supply from the electrical panel.
  2. Climb Up Securely: Position your ladder on a flat, stable surface. If possible, have someone securely hold the ladder to avoid accidents.
  3. Dust Off: Start by dusting the chandelier using a dry microfiber cloth. Dust from top to bottom, ensuring you reach all areas.
  4. Prepare Cleaning Solution: Mix the white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. A 2:1 ratio of water to vinegar is sufficient.
  5. Spray and Wipe: Spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth. Avoid spraying directly onto the chandelier as you don’t want to risk damaging the light fittings. Wipe each component of the chandelier gently.
  6. Deep Clean: For chandeliers that have not been cleaned in a while, a more immersive clean might be necessary. Remove each crystal, noting where each piece came from for easier reassembly. Soak these pieces in warm water with a mild detergent. Rinse then dry each piece before reattaching.
  7. Check for Flaws: Once clean, inspect your chandelier for any flaws. Look for missing crystals, broken pieces, or faulty bulbs that may need to be replaced.

Finishing Up

When done, carefully step down the ladder, making sure the base is still firmly set. Once the chandelier is dry and the power is back on, you, like everyone else, will once again be able to appreciate the unclouded beauty this stunning light fixture brings into your home.


Though chandeliers on high ceilings are tough to reach, they need not be neglected. Keep a regular cleaning schedule; it could be biannually or annually, depending on your chandelier’s proximity to frequent activities.

A consistent cleaning routine makes the task less tedious. Remember, your safety is paramount, so ensure you take all necessary precautions during the cleaning process.

Maintaining a high-set chandelier may seem daunting, but with the right approach, tools, and attention to detail, you can keep your chandelier sparkling. Here’s to enjoying your cleaned and radiant chandeliers that light up your space and life.

How to clean chandelier without wiping?

Beautiful and delicate, chandeliers are rightly a home’s centerpiece. However, their intricate design makes cleaning a challenge. But what if there is a way to clean without wiping?

How to clean chandelier without wiping

Well, there is. This guide will walk you through the cleaning process that requires no individual wiping of components.

Necessary Preparation

Start by collecting the necessary supplies:

  • A stable ladder
  • Protective goggles
  • White vinegar
  • Two plastic bags
  • Two rubber bands
  • A drop cloth or an old blanket
  • Warm water
  • A spray bottle

Next, place the drop cloth or blanket directly beneath the chandelier. Its purpose is twofold: protection for your floor and easy clean-up of the drippings.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

  1. Safety:
    Despite your urge to make your chandelier gleam, remember that safety comes first. Ensure all furniture and other items are moved away from your workspace. Also, cut the power to your chandelier to eliminate electrical mishaps.
  2. Access the Chandelier:
    Place your ladder carefully on an even surface, ensuring it’s sturdy before climbing up.
  3. Bagging the Bulbs:
    Take a small-to-medium plastic bag and put it around the bulb followed by gently tying it in place with a rubber band. This prevents the bulb from moisture, which could cause safety hazards.
  4. Prepare Your Solution:
    Mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. The mixture should not be too hot as it could damage the chandelier.
  5. Spray:
    Once your bulbs are safely bagged, spray the vinegar mixture delicately onto the chandelier. Make sure to evenly cover all accessible surfaces. With gravity’s aid, the dirt should slowly yet effectively drip off onto your drop cloth or blanket.
  6. Rinse and Repeat:
    For heavily soiled chandeliers, one round might not be sufficient. Repeat the steps above until you are satisfied with the results.

Finally, allow the chandelier to air dry, which may take a few hours or overnight. After it is completely dry, restore your power supply, remove the plastic bags from the bulbs, and behold your sparkling chandelier! Remember, while this method saves time, it is best suited to non-electric and water-resistant chandeliers.

How to Clean Different Types of Chandeliers?

Chandeliers are not just sources of light; they are often the stunning centerpiece that accentuates the beauty of your home decor. They come in a variety of designs, with their cleaning methods also varying based on their type and location.

How to Clean Different Types of Chandeliers
Types of Chandeliers

Whether it’s a greasy kitchen chandelier, a high crystal chandelier, or a glass bubble chandelier, here’s a detailed guide on how to keep them sparkling.

How do you clean a greasy kitchen chandelier?

An elegant chandelier in the kitchen is often exposed to grease and smoke, leaving a thick layer grime overtime. Here’s how you clean it:

Things you’ll need

  • Ladder
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Mild liquid soap
  • Warm water
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber gloves
  • Soft, lint-free cloth


  1. Switch off the chandelier and let it cool.
  2. Prepare soapy water in the spray bottle mixing 1 part mild liquid soap to 3 parts warm water.
  3. Set up your ladder, ensuring it is stable.
  4. Spray the solution onto your microfiber cloth. Do not spray directly on the chandelier.
  5. Wipe each section carefully, removing the accumulated grease. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid water spots.

How do you clean a high crystal chandelier?

A high-set crystal chandelier adds grandeur to your home, but it can be challenging to maintain.

Things you’ll need

  • A sturdy ladder
  • Two microfiber cloths
  • White vinegar
  • Warm Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber gloves


  1. Ensure the chandelier is turned off.
  2. Set up your ladder safely on a flat, stable surface.
  3. With a dry microfiber cloth, gently dust the chandelier.
  4. Mix white vinegar and warm water in a 1:1 ratio in a spray bottle.
  5. Dampen the other cloth with the solution and wipe each part of the chandelier.
  6. For intense cleaning, spray the solution sparingly onto the chandelier and let the drippings dry naturally.

How do you clean a glass bubble chandelier?

Glass bubble chandeliers are a modern home decor masterpiece, but the intricate design makes cleaning slightly tricky.

How do you clean a glass bubble chandelier

Things you’ll need

  • Sturdy ladder
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Mild detergent
  • Warm water
  • Bowl
  • Rubber gloves


  1. Switch off and allow the chandelier to cool completely.
  2. Set up your ladder ensuring stability.
  3. Remove the glass bubbles, if possible, and immerse them in a bowl of warm water mixed with a few drops of mild detergent.
  4. Gently scrub each bubble with a microfiber cloth, rinse, and air-dry.
  5. If the bubbles can’t be removed, soak a microfiber cloth in the soapy solution and squeeze out the excess water. Wipe each bubble carefully, then go over with a dry cloth to prevent water spots.

Regular cleaning keeps your chandeliers gleaming and increases their lifespan. Remember, safety is paramount, so ensure all power is off before commencing your cleaning task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best spray to clean chandeliers?

What is the best spray to clean chandeliers

One of the most effective and recommended sprays for cleaning chandeliers is Brilliante Crystal Chandelier Cleaner. This spray solution is specially designed to clean and enhance the sparkle of glass or crystal chandeliers. It’s quick-drying and doesn’t require any wiping, making it perfect for efficient and effortless cleaning. However, remember to read the instruction label before using any cleaner to ensure it’s suitable for your chandelier’s material.

Can you use vinegar to clean a chandelier?

Absolutely, vinegar, particularly white vinegar, is a highly effective and natural cleaner suitable for cleaning chandeliers. Its mild acidic nature makes it excellent for cutting through grease, grime, and dust without being too harsh on crystal or glass components. For best results, mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water, and use a microfiber cloth to clean the chandelier. Vinegar also aids in enhancing the sparkle of the chandelier.

Can you clean a chandelier with Windex?

Can you clean a chandelier with Windex

Yes, Windex can be used for cleaning chandeliers. It’s particularly effective on glass chandeliers, as it is designed to be streak-free and can efficiently remove dirt, dust, and grime. To clean, spray a small amount on a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe the chandelier parts gently. Avoid spraying directly onto the chandelier to avoid potential damage to metal parts or electrical components.

How much does it cost to clean a chandelier?

The cost of professional chandelier cleaning services can vary significantly based on the size, type, and complexity of your chandelier, as well as your geographical location. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to over $500 per chandelier. Pricing may also be affected by whether the chandelier needs to be disassembled for cleaning or if extra equipment, like scaffolding or high ladders, is required for very high or large chandeliers. Always get a quote in advance and clarify what the service includes.


Cleaning chandeliers on high ceilings can seem daunting due to their height and intricate designs. However, with the right tools, techniques, and precautions, you can ensure your chandeliers remain as dazzling as the day you got them.

Remember to prioritize your safety by always using a stable ladder and cutting off the power while cleaning. Timely and regular cleaning not only enhances your chandelier’s appearance, but it also prolongs its lifespan.

Whether you opt for professional cleaning services or a DIY cleaning session, appropriate chandelier maintenance is key to retaining your home’s shining centrepiece.

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